Sex & the Single Woman: Right Back Atchya?

I consider myself to be a lady ready for commitment. Yes, I like dating, but I am ready for one relationship, something more steady.

With this in mind, I tend to look for guys who are willing to have some commitment as well. However, I was surprised–no, shocked–a few weeks ago when I found out a guy I dated back in the fall had been engaged. Right before we dated.

I was caught off guard by his willingness for that kind of commitment and his negligence in telling me that he had broken it right before he met me.

In the wake of all of this, I am left feeling a little shell-shocked. I have never dated a guy who put a ring on it (even for a brief period of time) and while we were dating I kept wondering why he didn’t seem to want commitment. Ha, irony. The best way I can describe my emotions is freaked out. In a major way. Is it because he was engaged or because I might have a little fear of commitment as well?

Your guess is as good as mine.