Sex & the Single Woman: Role Reversal

500 Days of Summer

The formula for a romantic movie is pretty simple: beautiful girl meets stunning guy. Sparks fly, the girl wants a relationship, the guy wants to play the field.  It’s the requisite situation.

In the new movie (500) Days of Summer, these stereotypical roles are reversed. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Tom, a twenty-something guy  who is looking for a seriously relationship, particularly one with Zooey Deschanel’s Summer. Summer is definitely not your average girl; she, gasp, isn’t looking for anything serious. Yes, that’s right—the guy wants to settle down and the girl cannot see herself tied down.

The story unfolds as the two drift through a sometimes fabulous, sometimes heartbreaking relationship. As I watched the movie, I was struck by the obvious—why doesn’t this guy exist in real life? More importantly, why isn’t Summer as head over heels for him?

I also think it’s interesting to see the girl in the position of not needing a man to define her. At the same time, I wonder how true to real life the movie really is. What do you think—how many women out there would rather play the field than settle down?