Sex & the Single Woman: S.O.S.

How is it that feelings of love and affection can so quickly transition into feelings of jealousy and hate?

When couples break up, they must suddenly retract everything that once felt so natural. Second guessing is the name of the game and, unfortunately, no one wins. However, some part of each party wants to be the one who moves on first.

There’s no post breakup guide for situations like these. Is it best to separate and move on in private, or to remain friends and suffer the discomfort of seeing the other’s happiness? Do our feelings of anxiety come from a sadness for our own loss, or from anger that the other doesn’t feel this pain?

On this Friday, I can’t help but wonder how to get passed bitterness. With the weekend rapidly approaching, my main priority is a carefree two days. However, a part of me is still muddled with a need to be the first one to move on. Help!