Sex & the Single Woman: Saving Face

Right now I am caught in the midst of a conundrum and I see no way out. Without revealing too much, I will say a guy I am close friends with pulled a very bad, very hurtful maneuver. Any normal person would rightfully be mad. Here’s the problem: as the girl in the relationship, I feel it’s hard for me to get mad or want to explain my feelings without turning into the stereotypical negative female character.

It seems that the only option I do have is to try and act like I’m not affected, even though I deeply am. I can tell he knows he did me wrong, but I can’t figure out a way to talk to him without seeming crazy.

Why is it that women are assumed to be nuts for wanting to be upfront about our feelings? Why is it that we must compromise to save face in the relationship when we did nothing wrong?