Sex & the Single Woman: Should You Limit Yourself?


Recently I asked if hook-ups can jump-start relationships. What brought this to my attention was a roommate I have who had the hook-up going right. Now, after she and the guy discussed that they weren’t going to start a relationship, I am left to wonder that if a man changes his mind, should you change yours?

Let me specify. If a guy suddenly decides that, although he likes you, he doesn’t want to date you, should you adjust your priorities? Is it okay to just date him casually, or even just dabble in the physical, until something better comes along? Are you sabotaging yourself by messing around with a guy, when you could be putting yourself out there for the one you really are supposed to be with?

I see no harm in seeing a guy casually if you both know that is as far as it will go. But if you want more than that, will limiting yourself end up making things worse in the end?