Sex & the Single Woman: Should’ve Said No

In the words of teen singing starlet Taylor Swift: “You should’ve said no.”

Now Taylor may only be 20 years old, but girlfriend kind of knows her stuff. This song is what immediately comes to mind when I think of one of my friends. She recently dated a guy who she has been close to for the past couple of years. When they got together, I am pretty that everyone breathed a sigh of relief–and happiness–because we were all waiting for this.

No one predicted that he would freak out, stop speaking to her and force her to dump him one month into the relationship. Apparently he knew when he asked her out that he didn’t want a girlfriend. And then he proceeded to let her think that their relationship was going somewhere.

Cue T. Swift.

Why would he do that to a good friend when he knows in the end it will only devastate her and potentially ruin their friendship? The good news is that she deserves way better (and now has the freedom to get it). The bad news? Dude, you should have just said no.