Sex & the Single Woman: Signs of Growth

I write a lot about goals I have for myself, and I tend to reflect on ways I would like to better myself, and it’s nice to see these things come to fruition every once in awhile.

One example: I try not to be bitter about things that didn’t work out. Really, I do try. But sometimes it’s just so darn hard.

Because of that, I am really thankful when I have those moments where I realize I am truly over someone and I can forget the past. It’s such a relief to not have to talk myself out of holding a grudge.

One such moment happened this past week, when I ran into a guy I briefly dated last year until things just went terribly wrong. By coincidence we spent a lot of time together this past week and it made me realize that everything last year is the past. I can move on and just enjoy the present. Whew!