Sex & the Single Woman: Simon and Yasmin Le Bon

And how was your weekend, single women?

yasminsimonlebonMine was great. I joined some friends for the Lovebox concert in London and emerged with a new celebrity couple relationship role model: Yasmin and Simon Le Bon.

Though I spent much of the ‘80s crushing on John Taylor, in recent years I’ve realized that Simon is the true Duran Duran heartthrob. He’s got one of the most underrated voices out there, looks fantastic for 50, and bypassed the sleazy route by staying happily married to supermodel Yasmin—with whom he has three teenage daughters—for 23 years.

A while back I read an interview with Yasmin in which she said Simon had made her margaritas the night before and that they’d danced to MGMT all night long. I shook my head—this woman was living MY fantasy life.

But on Saturday night envy turned to admiration. Standing in the crowd not 10 feet away from us was Yasmin, who I have to say is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in person (and I’ve interviewed a LOT of models, mind you). Throughout the entire Duran Duran set she cheered, sang along, and danced like a schoolgirl—even though she’s probably heard “Girls on Film” a billion times already. It was such a refreshing show of spousal support that my friends and I were touched. Hopefully 20 or 25 years from now we’ll have foxy husbands cheering us on like that.

Le Bons, we salute you.

-Erin xx