Sex & the Single Woman: Slam-Dunking Closure


We are all familiar with the rebound. Some might even believe that it’s a vital part of “moving on” from previous boyfriends. I recently talked about closure, and how that is absolutely necessary to move on with our lives. What I’m wondering now is if you can truly get over the ex until you have met someone new.

I think you can honestly try to move past a guy. I know that I will think I’m over him, only to be rudely awakened to the fact that I’m not. I dated a guy and we parted on amicable terms, both knowing for sure that we would never get back together, and I still wasn’t able to get past him until I met an amazing guy and started something with him.

Are rebounds requisite? Do we need to fulfill the physical before we can have closure from the emotional? I have found that sometimes even meeting someone new doesn’t help unless you really hit it off.

What do you think? Are rebounds necessary to fully moving on from an ex?