Sex & the Single Woman: Slipping into a Bad Romance?

Okay, the term “bad romance” might be a bit of an overstatement, but I definitely think it could be a “questionable romance.” Even the word “romance” is a little shaky.

Allow me to explain. Maggie’s Inner Monologue is on high-speed right now, trying to assess a relationship that has always, without a question, been platonic. He’s a guy who I could hang out with and never have to worry because I knew nothing would ever happen. (And, yes, I realize that I sound like THAT girl who categorizes guys into a “Just Friends” zone.)

But, wait. Now a little voice is slipping into my head, asking me to question how “just friends” things are starting to become. Is it just innocent flirtation or is there something more going on? More importantly, do I want there to be something more or do I just enjoy the company?

Most importantly, there are times when he drives me absolutely nuts. We disagree on so many things that I would never expect anything to happen. Why, WHY would I allow myself to think that something could happen?

Lady Gaga, if I am truly entering a bad romance, what am I supposed to do?