Sex & the Single Woman: Speaking of Perfect 10s . . .

Last Saturday I was out with a couple of my guy friends and one of them spotted his dream girl. Apparently this guy had always claimed that he would never marry . . . unless he found the absolutely flawless girl. I happened to know her, but unfortunately she already has a boyfriend.

What struck me about this situation is that this guy is completely opposed to marriage, save one single human whom he has yet to meet. How is it that he can be so set in his ways, yet be so willing to change them for a stranger? Furthermore, he thought this girl would be the one to change them, not even considering the fact that she has a very serious (and beautiful) boyfriend.

I normally consider myself to be a romantic, but even I am feeling rather cynical about this. What do you think — is it ridiculous to refuse marriage until the (physically) perfect person comes along?