Sex & the Single Woman: Substitution

I think that us single ladies go through times where we just really want a boyfriend. There may not be a specific guy in question, but it’s more of a need to fill an emotional void.

I have a lot of male friends and I have the greatest respect for them. They put up with my mood swings and fill in as dates when I am in a pinch. For this, I am unspeakably grateful.

At the same time, I wonder if maybe these “just friends” are subconsciously substituting for the real thing. I definitely spend more time with my male friends when I am single. Is it possible that making these guys proxies for true love that we are really just cheating ourselves?

I am guilty of letting myself be emotionally abused. Perhaps by increasing the focus on our guy friends when we are single, we are really just trying to compensate for something that isn’t there.