Sex & the Single Woman: Summer Fling?

The summer fling is epic for its guarantee of no commitment, for its association to all things steamy, sunny, and sandy. A fling now and then can be good for a chick looking for a little fun on those warm summer nights. What happens, though, when you want a relationship in the summer?

It seems like as soon as the pools open and the resorts hit high season, any thoughts of a solid, committed lifestyle sail away in the ocean breeze. As much as I would like to build sandcastles with a choice hottie and end the romance on come Labor Day, that just isn’t what is in the cards for me. I have had my fair share of quick dalliances and now I’m looking for something a little more solid.

My fear is that there is no male counterpart out there looking for the same thing. So, what do you think–is it possible to initiate a lifelong relationship during the summer months?