Sex & the Single Woman: Switching Up the Roles

I admit it: there are times when I find myself in the position of damsel in distress. I feel like this is not something uncommon of us single girls. I have a couple of close guy friends who I often enlist to step in and crush any game that some stranger is trying to spit.

I feel bad always seeking their help, but there is only so much I can do. Whenever the extremely rare chance arises that I can be of help to one of them, I take advantage of that. Such an occasion arose this past weekend.

I was dancing with a group of my guy friends when one of them stopped me to ask why I didn’t help him earlier. I had no idea he was in distress, but he explained that some girl had been trying to hit on him and he wasn’t feeling it.

Fast forward an hour later and girlfriend’s back. I know it was a small gesture, but I immediately (and literally) stepped in to gracefully pull him away. It’s the least I can do.

I hate always needing guy back up, so it’s nice to have a little role reversal once in awhile. Oh, and it got me some free pizza as a thank you.