Sex & the Single Woman: Table for One

I have this weird thing about dining in public. I hate being alone. It probably goes back grade school when walking through the cafeteria alone was the equivalent to a death march. Anyway, whenever I am waiting at a restaurant for someone, or even if my friend goes to the restroom and leaves me alone, I instantly whip out my phone and find someone to text. Anything to keep from looking like I am isolated.

I understand that the rest of the world couldn’t care less about whether or not I am with a date or dining alone, but I can’t help this insecurity. Until now.

It’s time to buck up and learn to be happy with only the company of myself. I’ve decided to treat myself to a yummy meal . . . alone. I’ll bring a book, put away my phone, and just be content to enjoy some good food and forget about what other diners aren’t thinking.

I’m a confident, single woman. This shouldn’t be a problem, right?