Sex & the Single Woman: Taking Control


Why ruin a good thing?

Like every other woman out there, I have had my fair share of disappointment when it comes to men. The question on the table right now is how does this affect us?

Even when things are going good with a guy, I find that now I question everything. Perhaps it’s overanalyzing, perhaps it’s just nerves. But why do we let failed relationships dictate our current ones?

If we truly believe that we are different from every other woman out there, then shouldn’t that same concept apply to men? Sure, we have bad experiences. Yes, we have been hurt.  But just because a few men have acted rudely does not mean that they all will.

Worse than an ex treating me poorly is an ex ruining for me what is a potentially good relationship. I am challenging myself to be more daring.  To forget the bad and to concentrate on enjoying the good.  There are other fish in the sea and I am ready to take that plunge.