Sex & the Single Woman: Thank Goodness I Am Not a Male

Last night I randomly ended up hanging out with about 10 of my closest guy friends. Big mistake.

Generally, I like hanging out with guys. We tend to get along pretty well and I appreciate the fact that they are not as catty as a lot of girls. That being said, 10 of them versus one of me equals a major headache.

It started out small, with me and four guys talking. Then more and more showed up, and pretty soon I was in the middle of which girl has the best butt. Complete bro-fest.

While it was initially fun, after a little while I swear I started to see evolution reverse, and it was not pretty. Video games, beer and primal grunting — this single girl reached her limit pretty quick.

This has not at all discouraged me from hanging out with guy in the future, but I will definitely hesitate before committing to a night with a dozen of them.