Sex & the Single Woman: The Art of War

Yesterday I was reading this article on seduction on the New York Times website. There is so much I could talk about, but the most interesting part (at least, for me) was when the author discussed was the power of seduction. I’ve heard it’s an art form, but man, these people aren’t messing around.

I definitely agree that in most cases, there is a certain amount of strategy in flirtation. You have to play the game, not reveal too much too soon. Mind you, I am the most outgoing person so I never follow these rules, but I still find them fascinating.

The question on my mind is how legitimate these rules are. I understand the appeal of the unknown, how withholding something can be enticing. At the same time, I love openness between people. The best relationships I have (and have had) are ones in which both parties were straightforward with each other from the get go.

Is it better to be coy or to be open? I am naturally an outgoing person, but should I change this to follow these legendary rules of seduction? Should we compromise to attract the opposite sex?