Sex & the Single Woman: The Boyfriend Budget

This morning I was talking to my roommate about my budget for the rest of the year, which has suddenly become strained with three somewhat impromptu trips. Each trip will be to see people I haven’t seen in awhile and might not see for awhile. but all three require plane tickets, making the minimum price tag not so Maggie-friendly.

As I was crunching numbers (and re-crunching, hoping my math was wrong) I realized there is one way I could save a chunk of change on a weekly basis: a boyfriend.

I consider myself to be a modern woman and could never let a guy buy everything for me … but that’s not to say it still wouldn’t be saving me some moolah. I usually end up going out and doing something that requires spending money at least twice a week. If a guy paid for my dinner, some drinks and entertainment one of those nights, multiplied by four weeks a month … I could easily buy the three plane tickets I need. And then some.

So what is a girl to do? Looks like this one is stuck buying meals seven days a week for the time being …