Sex & the Single Woman: The Break-Up

breakupBreaking up is hard to do. Damn skippy. 

After several months of deliberation, I think I’ve finally decided to cut The Brazilian loose. To be honest, it’s been a long time coming. He works all the time, has no real time for me, isn’t the most gentlemanly fellow, and, since he started smoking (ick), has made it much harder for me to enjoy our makeout sessions. Yes, he’s gorgeous, and yes, I will miss the abs, but, well, I think I deserve better.

But there’s a glitch. He owes me money. Which means I have to find a sneaky way to get it back before dropping down the hammer. And did I mention it’s his birthday next week?

A friend of mine is going through the same issues. She lives in London, her ex is in New York, and their break-up was conducted over the phone. She’s already seeing a new guy, but has plans to be in the States next month and has to figure out how to clear out all of her belongings out of the ex’s apartment without kick-starting World War III. One wrong move between now and then and her silk blouses could be lining the sidewalk.

The lesson here: Never loan a lover money, and never leave a souvenir. You can leave a man behind, but not a handbag!

-Erin xx

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