Sex & the Single Woman: The Breaking Point

When you break up with someone, obviously your relationship changes. Things will never be the same–they can’t be. What I am struggling with now is when they stay so close to the same that everything just gets complicated.

Right now I am not seriously dating anyone, so I think it is natural that I there are some guy friends in my life who I just trust in greatly. Even though I want nothing physical with them, they are a form of male support in my life. One of these people happens to be someone I dated way back when.

The situation gets muddled when I consider that we are even closer now than we were when we dated. While I am happy I didn’t burn a bridge, I am also finding that this closeness allows him to hurt me. This leads me to wonder if perhaps there is a separation that must be made and not crossed during a break-up to avoid such complications. I’m struggling right now with the conflict of needing more division, yet not wanting to alienate a close friend.

What do you think? Do you have any advice for this single girl?