Sex & the Single Woman: The Connection


At the root of every relationship is an electric connection. Carrie Bradshaw referred to it as the “za za zu.” It’s that unexplainable ESP-esque understanding between you and your guy that is purely between the two of you.

However, I don’t believe that such a connection exists between just people in relationships. There are a few people with whom I feel that connection, but I can’t see myself dating them. Why is it that this happens?

How is it that two people can like each other at the same time, and have that connection, but never date? It doesn’t make sense–I am constantly on the prowl, looking for guys, and yet there are some right in front of me… with that rare connection.

I feel like it shouldn’t be ignored, yet attraction can’t be forced.

What do you think–should we try and make it work with these people, or should we accept that there are some people that we will be close to, but never date?