Sex & the Single Woman: The Dream Guy?


I think the biggest complaint single women have is that there are no decent men out there. Sure, they exist in Meg Ryan movies and a certain book series about a dreamy vampire, but where are they in real life?

Confession: I found one.

On paper, he is pretty much the perfect guy: cute, funny, athletic, smart… and he likes to just sit and talk. Yes—there exists a man who is willing to open up and discuss his feelings. Oh yeah, and he likes kids. Loves them.

So what’s the problem?

My dilemma lies in the fact that, regardless of his feelings about me—and I think those are some pretty positive feelings—my feelings for him are strictly in the “just friends” category. This has not stopped him from swooping in to save a certain damsel in distress (me) numerous times. Whether it is fixing my car or threatening my guy friends whom he instantly didn’t like (ironically enough, I ended up dating both of them, hmmm), he is always there when I need him.

Yes, I am the girl who could have the perfect guy, and yet I am completely not interested. To be honest, I feel really guilty. What right do I have to not want to at least try and make something happen with him? It’s like slapping karma in the face, and I’m pretty sure she slaps back.

Why is it that women lust after the guys who are nothing but trouble, and want nothing to do with the great guys right in front of them?  Are we really that attracted to what we can’t have?