Sex & the Single Woman: The Emotional Mistress

Recently I have become fascinated with the idea of emotional cheating. I think we all have our predetermined judgement of what constitutes physical cheating, but how do you draw the line when it’s all kind of ambiguous?

Obviously there is nothing wrong with having a strong friendship with someone; many of my close friends are guys. I talk to them constantly, and see nothing wrong with that. I don’t expect that to suddenly become sinful if one of them gets a girlfriend, yet I doubt she would feel the same.

One of the aspects that interests me the most is that for all of the investigating I’ve done, there is no guidelines for figuring out if someone is emotionally cheating with you. I think it’s pretty apparent if you are pulling away from your significant other to bond with someone else, but how do you know if you are the emotional mistress? Should you scrutinize your friendships to that degree?

I’m definitely going to keep thinking about this, and would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. In the meantime, check out this article on how to tell if you’re an emotional cheater: