Sex & the Single Woman: The Ex Files

ex-boyfriend-voodoo-dollI like to think of myself as a good friend. So when my friend invited me out for her birthday, I booked a train ticket and showed up…even though I suspected that my ex (THE ex) would be there, since she had grown up with him.

Sure enough, he turned up at the bar where we were celebrating, with his new girlfriend in tow. Now, I don’t want to sound catty, but…ah, screw it. Why not? Picture me in a strapless navy dress, killer heels, and my hair perfectly straightened (for once). Picture him with a nasty smoking habit and a new appalling haircut. Picture her with a good 50 pounds on me (at least) and a row of tacky hair clips in her hair.

So why did I feel so lame?

I think the fact that this guy had moved on to someone who (by all accounts) has an obnoxious personality and a sloppy appearance felt, in a way, insulting. I know he doesn’t deserve me, but I can’t shake the nagging feeling that he doesn’t realize that. Which is, of course, SO annoying.

How about you? Do you compare yourself to your ex’s new lady?

-Erin xx