Sex & the Single Woman: The Fantasy Guy?

Elevator Kiss

Today I am taking a moment to reflect on the guy who shall henceforth be known as Elevator Boy. How he got his name is fairly simple—freshman year of college, one of my good friends constantly ran into an anonymous hottie in the elevator. He (as we found out after some mostly unproductive stalking) lived in our dorm, and because we were in college, their schedules were similar enough that she saw him a lot.

We joked about how they were destined to be together, how in love with her he was, and how we knew that one day he would turn to her and declare his undying devotion.

Naturally none of that actually happened.

Sophomore year my friend met a fantastic guy and thus embarked on her first serious relationship, leaving the memory of Elevator Boy in the dust. As irony would have it, however, last week we both met THE Elevator Boy face to face, and you know what?  Personality-wise, he is not that fabulous.

The point of all of this is that I feel like women and men seem to take the idea of the perfect person and run with it. My friend’s idealistic guy—the elusive Elevator Boy—turned out to be kind of cocky and not really that great of a catch. Although he seemed to be serious boyfriend potential, he definitely was not, and the moment my friend looked past him she found a really incredible guy who also happens to completely adore her—and he’s even better than she could have imagined.