Sex & the Single Woman: The Flip Side

I have said many times before that, whether I try to or not, I usually remain friends with my exes. It’s not something that I necessarily advocate, but I don’t like burning bridges so sometimes it just works out this way.

An interesting dynamic to this kind of a circumstance is when you start to date again and your ex sees this happening from your perspective. Now, ladies, as cool as we may come off, let’s be honest– we aren’t always calm in the face of the storm. We like to pretend we are smooth and coy, when really we are freaking out inside.

For my part, I have had lovers past watch as I over-analyze everything, down to the wording of a text message. It’s not something I necessarily want them to see, but they fall victim to it merely by the fact that they are around.

The way a person acts at the beginning of a relationship is secretive in a way; we put up a front and hope that over time we can peel it away. I think it’s interesting for someone who was once on the outside of the facade to suddenly be allowed in on the other side of the situation.