Sex & the Single Woman: The Games We Play


I was recently talking to one of my guy friends about a girl who liked him last year.  He was confused by the whole situation—she had a boyfriend but said had he made a move, she would have reciprocated.  He kept asking me one question: why do girls play these games?

I told him the truth, that I had no idea.  He does bring up a good point—why do women play games?  I understand that there is an element of excitement in playing games; most of the time a little game-playing is necessary to draw a guy in. 

But at the same time, it can definitely be taken too far.  Case in point: this girl and her easily swayed affections.

So why do we women play games?  Why is it okay to mess with guys’ heads to this extent?  What is she trying to accomplish by telling him that she liked him (past tense) and that she would have left her boyfriend for him?

I feel like if we try and play these games, we are going to lose every time.