Sex & the Single Woman: The Ghosts of Flings Past

exboyfriendI’m being haunted…by my former conquests. Or stalked, perhaps.

Exhibit A: A few weeks ago I was at a club and my friend bumped into a guy I’d gone on a couple of dates with before writing him off. Luckily I didn’t see him, and she forgot to mention it to me until the next day. Dude was major stalker material.

Exhibit B: Last weekend I was visiting friends out of town when suddenly our friend’s husband appeared out of nowhere. Granted, the city we were in happened to be his hometown, but it was still a strange coincidence. And of course, he was accompanied by his friends, including one guy I’d kissed on a couple of occasions. I’d also written this guy off, but we ended up all hanging out together for the rest of the night. Lucky me.

Exhibit C: Last night I was at a party celebrating a new boutique launch when my friend gasped and said, “Cousin Dan is here.” Cousin Dan is her boyfriend’s cousin, whom I stupidly hooked up with a while back. I haven’t spoken to him since. So naturally I had to suck it up and say hello. Awkward, much?

Wouldn’t it be nice to, say, go to a bar or party and meet a nice NEW guy – instead of the ones I’ve already dismissed? London can’t be that small…can it?