Sex & the Single Woman: The Heat Is On

Regardless of whether or not this is a side effect of global warming, it seems the whole country is sweltering in a heat wave. While I spent the day shivering in a cold office (don’t hate me), outside the temperature was raging. Like full moons, I believe a sudden spike in climate has a way of affecting people. When I finally emerged from my office, I found out I was right.

It seemed like every guy everywhere was on his game or, at least, spitting it the best he could. Working in a city, I’m used to getting strange attention I wouldn’t in other places, but today I had three separate men try and pick me up. I’ll admit, I got a haircut yesterday, so my otherwise insane locks were pretty smooth and shiny, but I wasn’t looking that good. Not three whistles good.

So what is it about this heat? The last thing I want to do right now is be snuggling up next to any warm body, but apparently that’s not the case for the dudes on Fourth Street. Is there a direct correlation between a spike in heat and a spike in libido? Should we be wary of people becoming a little friendlier in the warmer months? Or is heat exhaustion just getting to me?