Sex & the Single Woman: The Hen Party

henpartyWhen my sister got married, her bachelorette party was pretty simple: meet up for some nibbles and drinks, head downtown, get as many free shots as possible, and make her do embarrassing dares.

But when my good friend, who is getting married this week, had her bachelorette party last month, it was serious business. For starters, in England they call it a “hen party” (a bachelor party is called a stag ‘do). And getting tanked at your local bar isn’t enough. We rounded up a dozen girls for a weekend in Brighton, on the coast of England. The day started with a grueling ropes course that had me crossing myself about every 30 seconds. Next, we dragged our weary bodies to the hotel, where we changed into sailor girl gear (every proper hen ‘do has a theme, after all), and headed out for a raucous evening out on the town.

Though we probably looked pretty silly in our sailor hats and anchor necklaces, we weren’t the only hen or stag party in costume. We partied with a group of stags dressed as nuns, priests, and rabbis; saw gals dressed in sexy military gear, black dresses and sparkly bobble headbands, and costumes inspired by different countries (i.e., one hen as a Japanese geisha, another as an American cheerleader); and got into a scuffle with a hen party all dressed as Amy Winehouse (methinks they were taking the Wino act a little too seriously).

It was such a fun, madcap weekend, and I can’t wait to think of a genius theme for my own hen party one day. Who cares about a groom?

-Erin xx

P.S. Here’s me and my friend Becky in our sailor gear.

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