Sex and the Single Woman: She Finally Hooked Up With Lust Boy: Now What?


It was cosmic.

I’ve recently been chronicling the aftermath of what I deemed a “cosmic hookup.” In other words, one of my roommates hooked up with a guy she has been interested in for two years.

Originally I questioned whether or not the night itself would prove to be the climactic moment of the hookup. The guy seemed hesitant to talk to my roommate at all. It was uncertain if the two parties would ever address said hookup again or if it would forever remain the proverbial elephant in the room.

Ladies, it’s time for an update, and I’ll tell you that I never saw this one coming. Last weekend was the guy’s birthday party. We went, we partied–and they hung out afterwards.

Pizza and The Office might not be the ingredients for a dream date, but that’s kind of the point. They hung out as friends, without the awkward “should we acknowledge this?” tension.

All of this makes me wonder–after hooking up, can two people just be friends?