Sex & the Single Woman: The Jealous Ex

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jealousex1. After moving to another country for him where I had no proper work permit and worked seven hours a day starting at 6am for minimum wage, never saw my family and friends back home, and gave myself a budget of £5 a week for food while allowing for £30 a week to buy groceries for and going out with him, he told me that I thought love was nothing more than “cooking and putting out.”

2. He accused me of cheating on him after he found out that a guy grabbed me and kissed me at a club while I too intoxicated to fight back. Apparently to him, being assaulted is cheating…

3. He was outraged that even though I hadn’t seen my high school boyfriend (whom I went out with 12 YEARS AGO) in over a year, blocked his email because he wasn’t comfortable with me talking to an ex, and deleted my Facebook account to show him that I wasn’t trying to go behind his back, that I dared say in an email to my best friend (yes, he read my email) that I missed his friendship because my boyfriend was so cold, but that I wasn’t going to hurt him by talking to my ex. BUT it was OK for him to continue to talk to, see, and yes, even go over to their houses ALONE girls that he had screwed around with, including one he had gotten pregnant.