Sex & the Single Woman: The Law of Scarcity

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve recently launched a series of dating and relationship audiobooks on iTunes called “Dating Dossier.” One of the lessons I teach in the Dating Dossier: Confidence edition is about the “Law of Scarcity.” And no, you needn’t have passed high school economics to understand its implications.

datingdossier2It’s simple. When something is more rare and scarce, we value it more. For instance, if someone handed you a piece of fine Godiva chocolate right now, you’d be over the moon. You’d probably save it for later, and savor every bite as the chocolate melts onto your tongue.

But what if someone brought a wheelbarrow filled with chocolate into your office? You might be excited at first, but after a while you’d get sick of it. You’d give it away to anyone who passed by. You’d swear off chocolate for months afterwards.

The same is true with dating. If you are “unlimited” and always available, people will start to take you for granted and lose sight of your value. But if you make time for yourself and hold yourself back a little, you are treasured more because it seems more special. Make him work for your time and attention a little!

-Erin xx

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