Sex & the Single Woman: The Name Game

A couple of weeks ago I hooked up with an Irish guy. Now, the Irish accent has been deemed the hottest accent on a man (sorry, Frenchies!), so I considered it quite the success.

There was just one teeny problem.

His name was…Fergal.

Um, yeah.

FergaliciousAnd cute as he was, the first thought that came to mind when he kissed me was: “I just kissed someone named Fergal!?!”

No offense to Fergals out there, but it’s not a sexy name. It sounds like a burp. Even the obvious nickname — Fergie — isn’t appealing, unless I want to be thinking about the Black Eyed Peas or the Duchess of York when I’m kissing someone. The other option: Fraggle Rock.

How about you? Have you ever gone out with a guy whose name made you cringe? What was it?