Sex & the Single Woman: The Next Best Thing?

Right now I am very much a single lady. I’m not going to lie — it would be nice to have a guy in the picture, but because that is not an option at this given moment, I am taking the opportunity to be grateful for all of the other people in my life. Namely, my good friends.

Not having a boyfriend has allowed me to really work on some friendships that have needed repair, or even just a yearly check up. I am fortunate to have about 10 best friends, all of whom make my life amazing. It really makes me realize that if forever whatever reason I never found “The One,” I would have almost a dozen other people who love me unconditionally. And that’s pretty sweet.

While I am confident that the right guy is waiting (Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m talking to you) I’m also very okay being surrounded by my friends. The next best thing doesn’t get any better than this.