Sex & the Single Woman: The One Who Got Away

The One Who Got Away

It is such a cliché, but lately I cannot help but wonder if there is a guy “who got away” from me. I generally have a pretty good idea of how I feel about guys I am interested in—either I like him or not. It’s simple, right?


Every once in awhile, however, the black and white becomes a bit gray. The line that should be clear between “boyfriend potential” and “definitely not” becomes blurred. And that is when I become confused.

At the time that I was interested in him, he seemed to feel the same way, but didn’t do anything to pursue the situation. Eventually I met another guy, and the flame kind of burned out.

Now I am questioning this choice. He is off the market, and I completely respect this, but I am wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have given him more of a chance. But what can I do now? I certainly can’t act on it, and I don’t even know if I should. 

I don’t like living with regrets, but I can’t help but think that he may be the one who got away.