Sex & the Single Woman: The Other Guys

With so much of a focus on dating and relationships, it’s sometimes easy for me to forget the guys in my life who I don’t date. I’m not talking about the guys who I like but who I can’t seem to date, but rather the guy friends who are there without a promise of being more than platonic.

This is the guy who listens to you talk about the one you like who doesn’t like you back. The one who reassures you that you are better off. The one who is your date to the wedding because you don’t have a significant other, and who does it with a gracious smile on his face. 

I have been fortunate enough to be graced with a few of these special guys in my life. No matter the situation, they always prove to be a solid, comforting presence. Whether I am stressed, bursting with good news, or just need a hug of unconditional love, they are there time and time again. 

As women, we see men as future partners, as potential boyfriends. We focus on hunting down a husband, but not necessarily a platonic friend. I think every once in awhile it does me some good to remember that some of the best guys in my life are the ones who want nothing more than to be just friends.