Sex & the Single Woman: The Other Woman

 Just to be clear…

I am technically still seeing The Brazilian.

I have a date scheduled next week.

And I kissed another guy on the weekend.

But when my flatmate – oh, let’s call him Luigi – brought a date home last night, two weeks after he and I wrapped up our whirlwind of smooching, I was FUMING.

Hey, I never said I was rational. I’m only human, after all.

jealouswomanThere was something about his brazenness in bringing someone over to our shared living space, on a boring Tuesday night for which I had no plans, that really irked me. Suddenly I’d been replaced by this tall British redhead, giggling softly as he made her pasta. He’s supposed to be making ME pasta! So what did I do? Gave her a polite smile, shuffled past him, and holed up in my room with the door closed for the rest of the night, cracking jokes about my usurper over Facebook IM with a friend while my stomach growled in protest. When they’d finally left the kitchen, at nearly 11pm, I ventured out and had dinner. One of her bobby pins had fallen to the kitchen floor, and he’d left his phone and watch out. I briefly contemplated accidentally knocking one or the other out the open kitchen window. But I didn’t. Aren’t I mature?

So now my plan of action is simple: avoid Luigi as much as possible. Luckily he’s been gone all morning, and I’ve got plans this weekend. I’ve also just booked a trip to see friends next weekend, and he goes back to Italy a couple of days after that. In other words, I should be able to steer clear of him and Ginger Spice for the most part. Though I am SO tempted to invite a date over and let him see how it feels.

How about you? Could you hang out with a recent hookup and his new fling?

-Erin xx