Sex & the Single Woman: The (Platonic?) Ex Sleepover

I love it when people visit me. But so far, it’s only been gals. But lo and behold, an ex-cum-friend-cum-ex-again-cum-friend-again (long story) will be headed to London in a month or so. He’ll need a place to crash, and asked if I could do the honors.

breakupThe catch? I’m moving in with a couple of girlfriends soon, and in the process my giant king-size bed will be downsized to a single. No guest room, no pull-out couch. Which means this guy will either be sleeping on the floor or sleeping with me. And in a bed that small, spooning will pretty much be mandatory.

Could get complicated, right? To make matters worse, dude’s seeing a girl, and I’m not sure how she’d feel about him sleeping in the same bed as me. I’m not looking for anything to happen, mind you, but let’s be honest – have you ever shared a twin bed with a non-related guy and had nothing happen?

Whatever. I’ve warned him, so it’s up to him to bring a sleeping bag if he wants. Stay tuned…