Sex & the Single Woman: The Power of a Text

In the dark ages (or, like, 100 years ago) distanced lovers relied on the powerful impact of letters to convey their sincerest emotions. It could be weeks before a response was received.

Now, in the fast-paced age of technology, a quick “i luv u” can be sent via text. Has the sanctity of communication been lost?

I would say “Yes, absolutely,” except here I am, debating whether or not to send a text message. This is no easy decision for the Queen of Overanalysis, but at the same time, it’s something with which every person struggles.

We may not be sending out heartfelt confessions of our love (not that I would ever deny a guy who wants to pen me his feelings via snail mail) but we are still putting ourselves out there. Yes, I am sad that I will have no love letters to show my grandchildren, but at least I will know in my heart that I have love.