Sex & the Single Woman: The Rebound Guy


When it comes to relationships, I believe that if there is chemistry, and both parties are available, then there is no reason to wait. 

But how available are guys on the rebound?

Yes, they are no longer in a relationship. Not attached. On the market. But are they emotionally tied down?

I have been in the situation before of being interested in guys who just broke up with their girlfriends. Yes, there was chemistry. It never worked out, but what if we pursued it more? Would it have worked out or would he have eventually lost interest, having moved on from his ex?

I don’t think it is wise to jump from one relationship to another. That’s a lot of emotions running around. But at the same time, if something is good, why fight it? There’s something romantic about throwing all caution to the wind, but are recent break ups a red flag?

I consider single guys to be fair game, but how single are guys when they have just ended a relationship? Are they still chained to their romantic past?