Sex & the Single Woman: The Secret to Meeting Mr. Right?


Lately I’ve been wondering what it takes to meet the perfect guy, and I think I have finally found the answer.


They say that mothers know best, and in this case I really believe it’s true.

 One of my good friends has dated a lot of guys since I have known her, some okay and some that we all wish would go away forever.  Through all of this, however, she still hasn’t met a guy that we all approve of.

Until now.  Her mother set her up with a fantastic guy a few months ago.  They have been dating and I have never seen her happier.   He’s from her hometown, but when I met him last week I was blown away. 

My friend has a unique personality, and he is one of the few guys I have ever met who understands it and complements it.  I feel like only a mother could pick out a guy like this.

So while we are out in the world, trying to find Mr. Right, maybe the answer to finding them is right under our noses all along—our mothers.