Sex & the Single Woman: The Singles Table

singlestableLast week I went to pretty much the best wedding ever—seriously, how can you not love an evening that involves a super-short ceremony, a fish ‘n’ chips mobile van, Pimm’s cups, and a first dance that featured a choreographed medley of songs like “Can’t Touch This” and “I Wanna Take You to a Gay Bar”?

It also marked the first wedding in which I came face to face with…the singles table. But this was no ordinary singles table. Whereas every other table held 10 (non-single) guests apiece, my friend and I were placed at a modest four-top with two single male friends of the groom. Needless to say, I spent the first hour of the wedding dreading being stuck to some nerd, and was already polishing off my excuses: I’m seeing someone (true), I’m opposed to the condescending custom that is the singles table and will be hunger striking in protest…you get the idea.

So imagine my surprise when we were joined not by a couple Coke bottle glasses-wearing nerdbombers but two handsome, friendly, and fun guys. We managed to avoid the awkwardness of this complete set-up and jumped straight into conversation, fielding off nearby guests who tried unsuccessfully to help themselves to our large stash of wine (bonus of a small singles table: you get the same amount of booze, with fewer people to share it).

In the end, my singles table experience was a success—I may not have found a serious love match, but I did enjoy the company and some harmless flirting. What about you? Have you ever scored at the singles table? Or do you hate its forced “Loserville” reputation?

-Erin xx