Sex & the Single Woman: The Space Between

It seems these days that space is all I hear about. Not the galaxy kind of space, although I will admit that’s up there, but the kind in relationships between people.

I’m surrounded by both ends of the spectrum; in some instances, my friends are closing in on space. They are strengthening their relationships, and thus want less space. Completely understandable.

On the other hand we have those relationships that are a bit more unsure. The trepidation fueling them requires that the two parties have a little more distance, despite how much either of them want it.

The thing about space, at least for me, is that it is largely undefined. I still struggle to be in any kind of relationship where things are not completely natural, and I’m finding that space can have a quality of forcing awkwardness upon people. For example, a couple needing space will have to change what feels natural to them — talking at certain times of the day, relying on each other for support — even though that may be the exact opposite of what feels right.

Erlack, once more I’ve encountered one of those situations with no answers. Welcome to the wonderful world of dating.