Sex & the Single Woman: The Third-Prettiest Girl Theory

Ah, the wisdom of men.

girlfriendsLast week I was out with a group of girlfriends and a very entertaining Welsh guy, who soaked up the attention he was getting by being the sole guy at a table full of women. This guy deserves his own TV show—he’s cute and cuddly in a Jack-Black-but-cleaned-up sense, speaks in the third person but manages not to be annoying, and isn’t afraid to ask a near-stranger if he can finish her burger (go right ahead, dear). He was also full of dating pearls of wisdom, and here’s the one I found most fascinating:

When he’s out at a club and sees a group of girls, he’ll go up to the THIRD PRETTIEST GIRL and make his move on her. He says it works because it upsets the power balance. The prettier girls feel threatened and wonder why he’s not hitting on them, and the “lucky girl” loves the attention. I guess I could see how that works. If I’m out with a gorgeous gal pal and get hit on, I have to admit to feeling a little thrill, as immature as that sounds.

Of course, now that I know that it’s just a dating tactic, I’m not so sure!

-Erin xx

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