Sex & the Single Woman: The Ugly Truth?

SPOILER ALERT. If you are a fan of The Office, think you might eventually become a fan of The Office, hate talking about The Office in any capacity, and have not seen the end of this season, DO NOT READ ANY MORE.

You have been warned.

Moving on, I recently caught up on my viewing, and in spite of all the office manager drama, one plotline really stuck with me: the Gabe-Andy-Erin love triangle. For those not familiar, here are the Cliff Notes. Andy and Erin dated, broke up, he still loves her, she dated Gabe, they broke up, now Andy and Gabe both love Erin, Erin and Andy are flirting, and Gabe is unhappy. Got it? Good.

I’m admittedly Team Andy (who can resist him?) but my bias doesn’t stop me from completely relating to Gabe. Over the course of the last few episodes, he lashes out at Andy, becoming increasingly jealous of Erin’s obvious affection.

The scary part for me was being able to relate to Gabe. I think we all have that inner jealous when we see the one we care about falling for someone else. Although we want them to be happy, we can’t help but want to scream in frustration.

Thankfully, Gabe’s behavior seemed to be an amplification of these emotions (at least in my case) but that doesn’t stop him from being absolutely relatable.