Sex & the Single Woman: The Ugly Truth


It may be ugly, but I’m sure hoping it’s not true.

Last month I saw The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. In summary: Heigl’s Abby is a stunning, albeit “average-looking,” TV producer who is made over by chauvinist pig Mike. As a girl with a healthy respect for fashion, I thought Abby looked cute and was definitely by no means a trainwreck. Yet Mike took one look at her and told her that the way she was dressing would guarantee that she will die a single woman.

As movies go, as soon as Abby starts wearing low-cut shirts and hair extensions, she is magically deemed a sex goddess by all men who see her. Wait, what?

Yes, Abby was a bit of a control freak pre-makeover, but she was in no way dowdy. Do guys really expect women to be walking fantasies 24/7?  This completely debunks the claim that men don’t need women to wear makeup or heels.

While the movie itself was funny, it bothers me that Abby let herself fall into this trap. Changing herself to catch a guy is definitely not encouraging for women, nor is it in any way empowering.