Sex & the Single Woman: The Worst Boyfriend Of All Time Contest

You have to kiss a few (dozen) frogs before you find a prince. Frog #1 used your credit cards to fund his strip club habit. Frog #2 up and decided he was destined for a career in pro wrestling—so you hit him over the head with a metal chair. And Frog #3? Well, you could almost overlook the man drunkenly hitting on your mom. It was the two other girlfriends he had on the side that were a little harder to ignore.

badboyfriendThe good news is that you are surely a few steps closer to finding that prince. You’ve moved on, seen the light, and obliterated those scumbag exes from your life. But here’s something else to sweeten the deal: we’re rewarding the lady with the worst boyfriend.

Sex & the Single Woman has teamed up with Girlfriend Grams—fun and creative gift boxes designed for the gals in your life—to host the “Worst Boyfriend Of All Time Contest.” Here’s how it works: All week, we’ll be posting tales of cheating, lying, no-good lovers from our readers. The story with the most comments (minimum 5 to be considered) wins a Breakup Gram (value $45) from Girlfriend Grams. The kit includes an ex-boyfriend stress doll, body scrub, candles, and all sorts of fun toys to help you wash that man right out of your hair once and for all. Who’s having the last laugh now?

breakupgramIf you see a story you like (and a man you hate), comment on the post to help it win. If you have a story you want to share, email it to Entries will be accepted until midnight Thursday PST. The winning entry with the most comments will be announced early next week; in the event of a tie, Sex & the Single Woman and Girlfriend Grams will select their favorite story.

Start writing, ladies!

-Erin xx

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