Sex & the Single Woman: The Wrong Investment?


There is a risk you take in every “commitment free” hook up. You go in with the intention of a harmless night of fun, and hopefully you leave after achieving just that.

But what happens when things do not go as planned? What happens when you leave wanting more?

Having been in this situation, I know firsthand that it isn’t easy.  There is no way you can tie down a guy who just wants to play the field.

And from my experiences, I’ve learned that this is the key to getting over him.  Remind yourself over and over that the two of you want different things. Continuing to hook up with him will only dig you in deeper—trust me, I know.

Investing emotions in a guy who isn’t investing them in you will not pay off. In addition, you are preventing yourself from meeting a great guy who is ready for a relationship.

What do you think? What do you do when you are interested in a guy who doesn’t want a relationship?